Monday, June 4, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

The mantid, Nexus's shock troop. They excel at hunting down and shredding soft, organic targets like humans and other fauna. It has four ejectors that launch harpoons attached to tethers, which bring the victim to the pincers between the forelegs. In the story, Black Phoenix, they have the dubious honor of killing my main character before she is resurrected as the Phoenix. Their artificially attached outer shell is incredibly resistant to small arms fire, and their organic parts are particularly durable. Combined with their mobility they are difficult opponents to put down. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Neo-Skins

While the Watchmen keep order in the cities with various brutalities, the neo-skins are the pinnacle of Nexus's development of the human species. Half of their bodies have been replaced with cybernetic limbs and their minds are erased of all previous identity. Armed with a combination of indigenous "relic" weapons (like the SCAR pictured) as well as more advanced Nexus models, they are a living terror to the resistance, and ever growing in numbers.

The Watchmen of Civic Security

I posted a sketch of these guys a ways back, hadn't planned on taking this long to color them. One I got to to it, it was only a coupla hours. If you noticed the scars on Kelly in the previous post, kind of hard to miss, these are the guys that did it.


Meet Kelly, a character from Black Phoenix. She's one of the first people Cooper meets, someone who's been beaten down and mentally devastated by the conditions of living under Nexus rule. Kelly's nearly given up on life until she she's Cooper in action as the Phoenix, possibly saving her life. Afterwards, she gains the strength and the will to fight back at Cooper's side.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rangewood Ospreys On Approach

From Black Phoenix's first flashback sequence: Rangewood's Ospreys approach the crashed eyphor ship at Salt Lake City in response to an alarm at the scientific facility around it, owned by Olympus International. Aboard are private military contractors assigned to the Rangewood Rapid Reaction Force (Triple-R), tasked with crisis response.


Oh, really? Another picture of Cooper. Well, yeah. The tattoos were one of those random inspiration things. I thought her back looked too bare, er, uh, plain or something. And they actually turned out pretty nice.